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Book it! is the library online reservation tool for the 1st floor Multimedia Rooms (RPL 125 and 126) and Study Room (RPPL 128) and the 2nd floor Audio Lab (RPL 204) and Study Rooms (RPL 223, 225, 227, 228, 229).

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Opening Hours
Sunday, Jan 20
 1pm – 1am

Book a Study Room or Audio Lab or Multimedia Room

Study Rooms - Reserve in one hour blocks on the hour. Maximum booking is two hours per day, per person. of reservation. The system has a 24 hour wait between bookings. 

Audio Lab - Reserve in two hour blocks.

Multimedia Rooms - Formerly known as Tegrity Rooms Reserve in half hour blocks on the half hour. Maximum booking is one hour per day, per person. These rooms are only to be reserved for the following purposes:

  • required web cam recording of test taking
  • creating multimedia presentation
  • use of interactive software (Pronunciation or Read & Write Gold)

Respondus lock-down browser is on these computers. 

Video tape to disc equipment is available ONLY in Multimedia Room 126. For help with that contact the Music Lab

No shows after 15 minutes will result in cancelation 


NO FOOD, covered drinks are allowed.

Low noise area; moderate conversation.

If a room is unoccupied it can be used however a person with a reservation has priority over first come, first serve.

The limited capacity of rooms are available when hovering over the information button. DO NOT exceed the number of occupants of any room. 

Library staff have the right to refuse this privilege to any person who is not in compliance with library policies.

Occupants of these rooms must adhere to library policy